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All the openCanSat kit boards use this kind of a bus connector with the same pinout, which ensures that you will have all the important signals and busses available on every one of them. Note, that on the BaseStation, some pins are connected to certain components, e.g. display, buttons. You can always check with the schematic.

Main BUS connector
Pin number Name Description
1 +3V3 +3.3V Power supply pin (Current limited 500mA)
2 GND Ground 0V level
3 +ACU +3.7V Accumulator power supply pin (Current limited 500mA)
4 D13/SCK Secondary SPI - SCK
5 GND Ground 0V level
6 D12/MISO Secondary SPI
8 D11/MOSI Secondary SPI
10 D10/SS Secondary SPI
11 A0 Analog pin
12 D9/ITR Interrupt for RFM module
13 A1 Analog pin
14 D8 Digital pin
15 A2 Analog pin
16 D7 Digital pin
17 A3 Analog pin
18 D6 Digital pin
19 A4 Analog pin
20 D5 Digital pin
21 A5 Analog pin
22 D4 Digital pin
23 RX Serial
24 D3 Digital pin
25 TX Serial
26 D2 Digital pin