Hardware assembly

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Make sure you have these components:

  • MainBoard
  • PowerBoard
  • 3pcs M3 screws
  • 3pcs M3 10mm spacers
  • microUSB cable

We'll also need some tools

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Pliers


  1. Put the screws through the M3 holes on the MainBoard (heads from TOP side) and screw the spacers onto them from the other side
  2. Slide the Power board's BUS connector into the MainBoard's and press the boards against each other
Basic hardware assembly


Now just make sure that the kit is off, connect it to your PC using the microUSB cable and let it fully charge before using it (the red 'CHR' or '5V' LED turns off on full charge). To use your openCanSat kit, it must be powered on, even when connected to a computer.

note: charging the kit may be done when it is both on and off, there is just no point in leaving it on when charging for the first time... note: both versions, especially the PRO version of the MainBoard, require the PowerBoard to be plugged in, when connected to a computer

PC connection