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The kit is composed of several units: MainBoard, PowerBoard and UniBoard, and is available in two variants: PRO and LITE. The PRO version includes all electrical parts (presoldered). The LITE version includes only those electrical parts that are essential for the primary mission (transmission of data with temperature and atmospheric pressure). The MainBoard is the main controller board of the CanSat. PowerBoard includes a battery and is used as a power supply. UniBoard does not carry any electric parts and serves as blank template for the secondary mission components.

openCanSat kit PRO

  • CanSat payload (1pcs Mainboard Pro + 1pcs PowerBoard + 2pcs UniBoard + mechanical parts)
  • CanSat station (1pcs BaseBoard Pro + mechanical parts)

openCanSat kit LITE

  • CanSat payload (1pcs Mainboard Lite + 1pcs PowerBoard + 1pcs UniBoard + mechanical parts)
  • CanSat station (1pcs BaseBoard Lite + mechanical parts)