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If you do not have any experience in programming C and/or Arduino we recommend you to watch, for instance, Jeremy Blum's Arduino tutorials. Arduino is a very popular rapid-prototyping board with many tutorials and forums available online that can be very helpful when getting started plus it also comes with a free novice-friendly Arduino IDE, which eases C++ programming. Otherwise feel free to stick with the editor, compiler and whatever else you are currently using.

Install Arduino IDE

note: you are going to need admin privileges for this

Using this IDE you will be able to write, compile and upload code on to the kit.

Arduino IDE Installation

Drivers should get automatically installed when plugging the openCanSat kit to your PC via USB. In some instances, you might get the message Unknown USB device, in which case it might be necessary to manually install the drivers. Intructions to manually install the drivers for Arduino M0 On most Linux distributions you have to assign the Arduino IDE certain permissions, please chceck this out.

Drivers Installation

Install Arduino SAMD board

  • Install the Arduino SAMD board definitions: navigate to your board manager (Arduino IDE - Tools > Board > Boards Manager).
Boards Manager

Then find an entry for Arduino SAMD Boards (32-bits ARM Cortex-M0+). Select it and install the latest version.

Arduino SAMD Boards

Even though you probably don't need to, we recommend to quit and reopen the Arduino IDE, for making sure that everything is properly installed. You should be able to select the new board listed in the Tools -> Board menu, for openCanSat, choose Arduino M0 option.

Install the openCanSat 2.0 library

You will now need to import the openCaSat library into Arduino IDE. All libraries and examples are in openCanSat-2.0-library.

Download latest version openCanSat 2.0 library

From GitLab repository download latest version ans save the file to your computer. GitLab repository openCanSat-2.0-library


Import the openCanSat 2.0 library to Arduino IDE

In your Arduino IDE navigate to Add .ZIP Library (Arduino IDE - Sketch > Include Library > Add .ZIP Library).

Import openCanSat-2.0-library

Select the file

Import the library

If you have correctly imported the openCanSat 2.0 Arduino library, you can find the library in the Arduino IDE (Arduino IDE - Sketch > Include Library > Contibuted Libraries > openCanSat 2.0 library).

The Library